#iamirish Maeve Dalton

Maeve Dalton – #IAMIRISH

For the times I grew up in I don’t think there were many Irish households quite as diverse as ours. I am one of seven children, adopted by Irish born and bred parents. My two older brothers are my parents biological children and I like to think destiny brought the rest of us together. My … Continue reading Maeve Dalton – #IAMIRISH

#iamirish Tasneem Filaih

Tasneem Filaih – #IAMIRISH

Michael Collins was under my arm. His face covered the front of the Peter Hart book that I held with a gleeful pride. There she was, this girl was obviously Irish walking around with the book about a fallen Irish hero. Would I be challenged though, would someone on my long bus ride home challenge … Continue reading Tasneem Filaih – #IAMIRISH

Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng – Yellow Feral – #IAmIrish

“Half Irish, half Chinese” the worst lie I’ve ever told, nineteen years old and I learnt to write my name last week. A taxi driver looks at me: “You’re an exotic little flower that needs to be minded.” I shrink away, too drunk tired to argue, but not to forget. Hong Kong was mentioned in … Continue reading Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng – Yellow Feral – #IAmIrish

#iamirish Claudia

Claudia Hoareau Gichuhi – #IAMIRISH

I was born in Kenya and grew up there until I was 14, when I moved to Ireland with my parents and siblings. My ethnicity is made up of Irish, Creole (Seychelles and the Reunion Islands) and Kenyan. I am married to a Kenyan and we are raising our beautiful mixed ethnic daughter in Dublin. … Continue reading Claudia Hoareau Gichuhi – #IAMIRISH

#iamirish Jess Kavanagh

Jess Kavanagh – #IAMIRISH

A lot of my story I guess like most family tales, have been told through the filters of numerous people. Some incidences may have been exaggerated over time. I feel some may have been played-down. When growing up, I do feel one thing my family seem to hold in high regard was their privacy. Maybe … Continue reading Jess Kavanagh – #IAMIRISH

Eoin Heffernan – Why Roll Of Thunder, Made Me Cry – #IAmIrish

The year was 2005 and I was sat in the back row of Mr Colgan’s English class. We were studying ‘’Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry” in preparation for our upcoming Junior Cert. It was your typical classroom scenario. Uninterested students combatted by a teacher picking victims to read at random, in the hope of … Continue reading Eoin Heffernan – Why Roll Of Thunder, Made Me Cry – #IAmIrish