What Is #IAmIrish?

#IamIrish is a creative movement that maps the roots, the lives and experiences of Irish people who happen to be mixed race.

It challenges the perception of what it looks like to be Irish and open’s up people’s minds to the wonderful diversity of the Irish people.

At the heart of this movement is a desire for a fair and equal society, where your worth is not determined by the colour of your skin, your economic backdrop or your parentage.

#IamIrish seeks to dispel the idea that if you are from a non white community you are automatically an immigrant.

Lorraine Maher child 2017

The key priorities of this movement are:

Empowerment of minorities by giving a voice and a platform to untold or hidden stories.

Promotion and celebration of diversity within the global Irish diaspora.

Tackling racism and ‘othering’ of minority communities at home in Ireland and in the UK.

Celebration of Irish arts and culture.

Exploring our shared heritage and celebrating multicultural society.

Challenging perceptions of what it looks like to be Irish.